What is the lifeline of your business?

Your customers

And we help you bridge the gap by turning your prospects into your customers. We are a multilevel outsourcing company which has the cutting edge of providing world class services and help you outsmart your competition. We hire experts for different domains so that our clients get the best and the most innovative services and stay ahead in the market trend. We understand your need of technology along with uninterrupted speed and work towards the deliverables by adapting to your goals. We can create robust products which are complex to be cracked by your competition but at the same time simple enough so as to be easily understandable by your end clients. In this fast-paced virtual world, every business is looking for longevity and our goal is to provide professional outsourcing services to our customers so that they become immortal in their field.

Our Management

A first-generation entrepreneur Prateek has a Masters in Business Administration and brings in with him enriched experience of 6 years in the BPO sector. His expertise in Research Analysis, Data Mining, Market Intelligence, Industry Research helps the Company spearhead towards its vision. With his techno entrepreneurial approach, he handles large scale operations, client service delivery and corporate strategy ensuring that all verticals are aligned with the corporate goals.His extensive hands-on experience in filtering out credible and reliable sources of information and extracting value add information makes him a thorough research analyst which helps strengthening the Research & Analytics business.


A global millennial entrepreneur in true sense, Prateek also holds a diploma in French language.

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Prateek Kevlani