Virtual Assistant

ITA People - Information Technology Assistance - Virtual Assistant Services

Let us handle the non-value load of your business while you take control of the income producing activities.

VA is a large platform constituting of a large number of support services. We ensure that when a client outsources any business operation to us, we provide him experienced and professional virtual assistance which give him a world class output. Our services are not just limited to completion of the outsourced task but it is actually the start of a relationship.

Roles of Virtual Assistant

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO is not just a partnership between a RPO buyer and a RPO provider. Since last one decade RPO has grown in multi-fold dimensions where apart from handling recruitment process for our client, we act as a brand ambassador for them; adding value to their brand.

Our expert team of VAs is trained and skilled in RPO and can create specific reliable database alongwith enhancing social media exposure for your hiring needs. Our VAs ensure proper filtering of candidates at every step right from the preliminary interview call. With our VA services, you will never need to take up the hassle of hiring at your HR end.

Real Estate Assistants

The saying ‘out of sight is out of mind’ is apt for real estate business where you need to be present around your prospects to ultimately convert them into your clients. But how is it possible to be omnipresent everywhere every time? We come to your rescue here by providing 24*7 support through our dedicated Real Estate VA teams who are specifically trained to handle real estate clients. They not only have the expertise to filter our required data from the vast data resources but also have the expertise of skilfully answering all the queries of your real estate clients and providing the right amount of information at the right time.

E-Commerce Assistant

Our team of VAs are fully trained in handling all your outsourced e-commerce activities. We have been providing e-commerce support to our clients who have ultimately become our returning clients. We have been taking care of customer service, order processing, order management, shipping management, inventory management, product information sharing and feedback management. With the back-up support of our VA team you can completely rest assured of professional e-commerce management enhancing your customer base and product awareness in the right markets.

We ensure that your inhouse workforce is free from the regular repetitive tasks but at the same time we assure you of most efficient handling of your e-commerce needs.

Startup/Business Support

We at itapeople have the resources and expertise to make available the required database which can help in taking care of all your business owner activities whether it is developing a plan for every stage of business cycle, initiating research for a new product / service to be launched, deciding upon hitting the right segment of end clients or day to day business activities of administrative nature which provide a strong spine support for successful running of a business enterprise. By managing all these activities, we help you in utilizing your in-house resources and energies towards wealth management in the most efficient manner.

By handing over your business owner services to us you can always be rest assured of a more customer oriented approach thereby enhancing delivery of value to business stakeholders.

Admin Assistant

General administrative tasks never line up as the direct income generators but at the same time a business cannot survive without perfect execution of general administrative tasks. So, whether it is your regular office supplies or your travel arrangements or event arrangement and co-ordination or scheduling your meetings and maintaining your calendar or handling your reception virtually, we are fully equipped in handling all your administrative tasks.

By outsourcing your regular time eating general administrative tasks to our team of VAs you save time and energy of your resourcesvfor putting them to better usage matching their skills and expertise level.

Voice Telemarketing

Reaching out to multiple clients in multiple locations at the same time is not only a cost enhancing function but also a complex and time-consuming vertical for business setups. By outsourcing your voice telemarketing requirement to us you not only save on a huge chunk of that extra cost but also save your valuable time for better implementation. We have been handling voice telemarketing for our clients and have a full-fledged team of telemarketers who are provided product / service training for every product / service before they start calling up your clients.We can also take care of your telemarketing needs for different geographical zones. Our telemarketers work 24*7 in different shifts ensuring your presence all around the globe all the time.