Great things about outsourcing / offshoring

Michael often finds his team struggling with tasks which both him and his team feel eat up 70% of their productive time. But at the same time, they know that all these tasks cannot be ignored if the boundaries of the business have to be stretched further beyond their present reach. And then one fine day, Michael decides to outsource all such tasks to a third party who will work on behalf of his company to execute all these important yet time consuming tasks. Within a time frame of 3 months, Michael and his team were able to work up on other major issues not only with their clients but internally within the team as well which increased the confidence of their existing clients and also added new clients to their list.

Outsourcing / offshoring is the latest business module being adopted by big corporates as well as new start-ups alike to eliminate time consuming yet critical back office operations tasks. It saves time and energy of the most important asset of an organization which is its employee force. It also helps an organization to keep a better tab on outcome of such operations which form the back bone for an organization’s smooth functioning. An outsourced agency will always be extra careful about execution of all such tasks outsourced to it as it would least like to spoil its market image or clientele.

While outsourcing any tasks to an agency, the complete process function is explained and many a times process trainings are imparted to the agency ensuring that it handles the tasks with utmost diligence.

Depending upon an organization’s basic nature of work it can outsource tasks related to any functional operation of the organization viz. sales, marketing, operations, accounting and finance, human resources or administrative tasks.

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