The ultimate list of tasks to outsource to Virtual Employee

Outsourcing need for every business basically depends on industry in which they are working and their organizational structure. What tasks to outsource vary company to company. Where a start-up will be interested in outsourcing basic administrative and back up operations; a corporate house may be outsourcing a specific function like billing or even marketing for enhanced efficiency and economies of scale.

Depending upon its need, there is a plethora of tasks or services which can be outsourced. Right from the manufacturing to general administrative tasks, companies outsource services to focus on enhancing income generation.

On a broader scale, we can classify tasks / services that can be outsourced as: manufacturing, accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, web designing, research and development, legal services, computer programming, creative services and administrative services. A small firm or a start-up might initially want to hire professionals to handle their accounting tasks, need virtual assistance for general administrative tasks and a web designer for its digital branding. A big manufacturing unit can choose to outsource a part of its manufacturing process in case it is already running its manufacturing capacities to full but at the same time does not feels the need to enhance the same. At a similar time, a corporate house might want to hire professional freelancers to handle their marketing vertical around the globe or sometimes resort to call centre executives, e-mail marketing services and ghost writers too. Companies also outsource a part function from a particular vertical for better professional handling. Outsourcing payroll, taxation, healthcare services, SEO, travel desk, social media management, content writing and data management is very common.

With extremely qualified professionals keen on providing services as freelancers or sometimes interested in taking sabbatical after hectic years of working, the outsourcing module is being adopted by businesses globally.

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