What is Virtual Assistance?

Hiring support for any business function outside the premises of your work place is taking Virtual Assistance. Virtual Assistance (VA) is provided by agencies which handle outsourced work or even through experienced professionals who offer to work as sub-contractors. Virtual assistance is fast picking up with big corporates, small firms and with start-ups alike. For every company virtual assistance needs may vary according to its set-up. Companies outsource work to gain advantage of professional work force available globally, to save time and energy of their own workforce and to gain economy of scale also. Some companies hire Virtual Assistants for their prime business function in order to benefit from services of expert professionals. Other companies may outsource a part of one of its large business function to virtual assistants in order to save time and energy of its own workforce.

Virtual assistants provide support for on a mix bouquet of services – general administrative tasks, content writing, SEO and digital marketing, Social media management / marketing, web development, relationship management, background verification, recruitment, payroll.


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